Heating Oil


At Jack’s Independent Service Inc., you can get the best quality Home Heating Oil (HHO) at an affordable rate. Based on customer’s needs, we have designed multiple options of HHO for them. A customer can choose HHO based on the location of their Heating tanks, heating setups and depending on the size and space to be heated.

Home Heating Oil options available at Jack’s Independent Service Inc.:

No. 2 Heating Oil:

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient HHO for indoor tanks, our No. 2 Heating Oil is the best choice for you! The No. 2 heating oil that we provide is made according to the ASTM standards and it also generates more BTU (British thermal unit) per gallon than other regular No. 2 Heating Oil in the market. But, this fuel is the best choice for those who have Heating Tanks in their outdoors or in a place where there are no shelter elements.

Blended Heating Oil:

For customers who has a bigger space to heat and has cooler temperature to deal with, Blended Heating Oil is an affordable option for them. With a perfect blend of Kerosene and No. 2 Heating Oil, this HHO provides optimum efficiency at affordable rates. While it produces less BTU compared to Kerosene and No. 2 Heating Oil, it works the best where the tanks are in the sheltered outdoors and places where there are cooler temperatures.


Our refined and processed Kerosene is one of the purest HHO in the market! If you have a Heating Tank that is completely exposed to elements and is in the open, our refined Kerosene is the best option for your homes! Due to its refined and non-gelling nature, you will get the purest HHO that will not jam the pipes of your home.
So, above are the Home Heating Oil options that you can get at Jack’s Independent Service Inc. If you are looking for the best quality HHO that are effective for your home and yet pocket friendly, visit our Store today!